This is a watch that makes a strong impression on the any viewer because of its interesting design and very large dimensions. There are many versions of jump hour watches that were most produced in the 1970s but this model and this type of design or similar are among the most beautiful ones. The Space Age Design is noticeable on it because it was created at that time.

It have classical automatic movement with digital mechanic time display, watch have also a date display in round magnify window. Movement is automatic 25 jewels PUW 1561, working and keep time perfect. Every next hour the hour digit jumps while minute and second wheel rotate.  It is hi quality build watch all stainless steel made very heavy case with original bracelet who perfectly fit to case.

This watch produced in mid 70s, it is brand new with no trace of use.

It’s a pleasure to have a piece of art like this on your wrist because this is really something that stands out from anything you see today on people’s wrists.