It is a completely amazing story how this watch has remained intact for all these years …

It was bought in the mid 70’s, the first owner much wanted it and give a lot of money for it in that time. Not a week had passed since he bought watch something he needed to do around the his car and the watch then took off wrist to keep case from scratching and he put it in his coat pocket. However, on the inside the pocket was torn and the watch fell into the long coat inside. And so the owner thought he had lost it.

It’s been over 40 years since then, that coat has long gone out of fashion and no one has worn it since the owner has died. But the coat is kept in the closet.

In the winter of 2018 the owner’s granddaughter was search some old fashion dress in the home closets and when she saw that coat she came up with the idea of shortening that coat and wearing it again.

When she started cutting it with scissors, Roamer Pasadena suddenly fell out of the coat inside, she immediately showed it to her grandmother who remembered that watch, and told her this story. They thought the watch was lost until then. They were most sorry that their own grandfather was no longer alive because he would be most glad to see watch again.

They decided to sell the watch to someone who would love it and enjoy it just like Grandpa would.

And so the watch came to me.

It is brand new watch from time capsule (coat capsule) : ) on watch is the original strap which due to standing cracked at some places.

I want to preserve the authentic strap so I put new who fit with watch perfectly. In some pictures you can see the original strap next to the watch.

Enjoy the photos because something like this is rarely seen today.