This is a vintage mechanical USSR made chronograph. Date of produce this watch is very early 90s.

The heart of this watch is movement cal 3133 made by Poljot, this movement developed by the Soviets on the basis of a Swiss well known movement Valjoux 7734. The first one was made in 1976 and is still being produced today. Although these old ones produced in the Soviet Union are, in my opinion, much better than these today produced movements.

Mostly these watches are not made in all stainless steel case, so the big problem is when chrome is peel off from the case due to wearing, it is not an easily solved problem. So I advise you to pay attention when buying on case material.

All stainless steel version are very rare, but they can still be found. This one I present to you is all stainless steel version. Soviets did not write on the back cover (all steel or stainless steel back) so it is quite difficult to recognize which one is the whole steel made. My advice, the color of back cover must be the same as case color, if the case have a lighter or darker color this is not all steel version.

However, this is one beautiful exotic watch that every watch fan should have in one of the many versions.

If you want to have one Russian (Soviet) chronograph then I advise you to look for one vintage made in USSR, these moderns are soulless…