70S the time when mentioning the word computer aroused admiration and something perfect,  it’s the first watch he has on its back sign TIME COMPUTER.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the American company Hamilton began development and introduced the prototype of the first ever made wristwatch without any moving parts. It was a complete revolution in the watchmaking industry, the early micro processor technology be applicable in watch movement – module and the avant-garde design that had never been seen before had this watch.  At that time LCD technology was not yet developed, so the only way to display the time was with an LED display. LED display wasted a lot of energy, so display switched on when needed to read the time by pressing a button.

This watch I’m showing you is the third generation of Pulsar LED watches the first P3 was made in 1973 and production stop at the end of 1975. Pulsar P3 is the first LED watch with date function, each early pulsars is adjusted with a magnet located in the bracelet hidden in the clasp which is another detail that makes this watch really unique.

What I want to mention is that there is a difference between the first P3 models and the last produced models, the difference is in the bracelet. On early models lobster-style bracelet is made with light-weight hollow segments produced by Champion USA,  the later models have solid-steel link bracelets by Bear Japan. I much prefer this first lighter version, which fits better with the watch and is more comfortable to wear. Look carefully at the pictures as you can clearly see the difference between the two types of bracelets.

The batteries that are the size for this watch have not been manufactured for a long time, so you need to get adapters so you can use the batteries available on the market today (you can see battery adapters in the pictures below).

When I started this beautiful hobby (collecting watches), Pulsar was one of my dream watches, when I got my first one in far 1997 the passion did not stop and today I wear it with the same passion and enjoyment… and another LED Pulsar models joined him.