This beautiful Seiko Sports comes from July 1969, when it was produced. Movement cal.5126 more reminiscent of Swiss made movement than on Seiko calibers of that time, so that is why this Seiko is compared to the quality of Swiss watches. Which it really is.

Watch is all stainless steel made, masive case and fat mineral glass, what makes it special is that it is complete with the original bracelet, without it, it is not a complete watch. Inner bezel rotate with crown.

Watch is fully serviced, working great and no need any investment, the watch is photographed in macro resolution so that you can see even the smallest details that cannot be seen with the naked eye. There is a slight patina on the phosphor of the hands, which is much less noticeable in live view. In general, the watch is in perfect condition, all original.

How timeless the design of this watch is, is obvious because today is 2024 and it is from 1969, and it still looks attractive…