The orange version of the Citizen Cosmotron watch is one of the rarest and belongs to the first Cosmotron series which were made in the early 70s. The one I am presenting to you was produced in August 1970. The watch is literally taken out of a time capsule, it is brand new and everything on it is original from the time it was made.

This watch is actually my second orange cosmotron, I bought the first one in 2004 and then fell in love with this watch, my first orange cosmotron is nowhere near as good as this one and when I had the opportunity to have it I didn’t miss it.

Cosmotron was created at the time of the invention of the transistor as a semi-conductor element, at that time the built-in transistor in some device was a matter of technological revolution, that’s why on the dial and on the back cover was written “transistorized” to make it known that you have a watch with built-in transistors  : )

Citizen cosmotron is basically a mechanical watch with a balance wheel, and it works this way:

Watch runs as an analog  watch with a balance wheel identical to any mechanical watch, with the difference that instead of winding springs there is a small electromagnet controlled by an  transistor module that constantly changes the polarity on the electromagnetic part while the mini permanent magnet placed on the balance wheel, when the polarity changes on electromagnet magnetic fields on permanent and electromagnet collide and the balance starts move. These watches have nothing to do with quartz watches, tick identically as mechanical watches as they are (electro-mechanical), the second hand move like in the mechanical watch.

Look at this watch, it was made in 1970, and today it looks and works better than almost all modern Swiss made in China watches.

The original bracelet is so comfortable to wear that when I put it on my wrist I don’t want to take it off, it just blends in with my wrist. A beautiful watch from August 1970.