This vintage Seiko classic diver (Seiko Pepsi) is all original without any aftermarket part, original dial, hands, insert bezel, what I have to say is that it is only a recent production bracelet and it is the original Seiko. When I bought this watch it was on an original rubber band that cracked due to standing so I put this new bracelet until find original.

Watch be in the drawer all these years and only a few times it is wear, so it is perfectly preserved.

These old models are easily recognizable as they have bi-directional rotating bezel with 60 clicks, on the newer models, bezel rotates in only one direction. Today, there are plenty with aftermarket parts on the market, so pay attention if you care about authenticity.

Movement is original Japan made cal. 6309, vintage movement with big balance wheel

This mine produced in April 1987. It is a classic that will always be wearable and desirable.