This watch is an essential part of the history of digital LCD watches, because it is the first LCD watch that Citizen ever made.

The production date of this mine is  December 1973, it is very early Japan made model.

The year of manufacture on vintage Citizen watches is read this way :

312xxxxx means December 1973 (9010-095014)
311xxxxx means November 1973 (9010-095014)
310xxxxx means October 1973 (9010-095006)  (I thank Christian Barf for this information.)


It’s hard to compare how technologically advanced this was at that time, imagine if you had this on your wrist in 1973, it’s like you would have the fastest computer on your wrist today …

This is also hi quality build watch, very large all stainless steel case, thick crystal glass, and what’s really interesting the ability to turn off the display by turning the crown. This saves battery life and saves the display. When you press the crown on the bottom of the display will be displayed seconds instead of the date, the left pusher button is used to reset the seconds.

Watch that I present you is all original and totally new without any trace of use, as if you went back to 1973 and bought it.

With great enjoyment I sometimes wear it, the feeling of having it on my wrist is indescribably good.