Almost every vintage Seiko has nickname, here are just some well known ones : UFO, Pogue, Kakume, Monaco, Bullhead, Blue eye, Jumbo, JPS.

Just the one I last mentioned JPS (John Player Special) many sellers mistakenly call blue dial version that I present to you in this post. There are two versions of this model, one with blue dial and one with black-gold dial.

Model with black-gold dial have nickname John Player because of the black-gold color combination that is the same as the JPS brand. So the blue version is not John Player and anyone who calls it that is wrong.

This mine was manufactured in April 1976, I also replaced the original factory bracelet with a other original vintage Seiko bracelet from same period which in my opinion is much nicer and much more comfortable for wearing than the factory one. The original bracelet is really cheaply made and I think it don’t goes for this watch.

This is one fantastic elegant vintage chronograph.