Here’s a treat for fans of the first generations of LCD watches produced in first half of 70s.

Epsa-Optel is known for working in the late 1960s and early 1970s on experiment with liquid crystals, so they launch on market the first DSM watch 1972, these watches produce only two years until 1974 and today it is very difficult to find one in working condition. You can find one DSM on my site which I presented to you.  The technology has advanced and in 1974, the first generation of  watch with liquid crystal field effect  display appeared, such is the one I am showing you now.

This is big fat funky all steel case watch with crystal mineral glass, pushers position in the middle of case, module is well done and looks great when the watch is opened, a real vintage pearl. Just look at these beautiful vintage digits on field effect display produced by Epsa-Optel.