In late 60s inventors worked on development of the first watches that used quartz crystal for stable operation. More specifically in modified tuning fork movement a quartz crystal was inserted. Quartz crystal is known to have the ability to oscillate constantly by the same tact during electrical stimulation. This feature has been used to control the accuracy of the operation of the electrical assembly that drives the tuning fork movement.

Thus, 1970 was the first Electro Quartz tuning fork watch to be launched, it was a first generation of Omega Electro Quartz  with module 1300 beta 21.

The second generation is the Omega Electro Quartz  with module 1301 Beta21 it was launched in 1972. This model I present to you here in detailed images.

The watch is massive all stainless steel made, I photographed it next to the Omega 125 to compare how big it really is because the Omega 125 is a very huge massive watch. On the movement photos you can see modified tuning fork and thin threads with rubies on end that oscillate and run the movement.

A beautiful elegant watch that is extremely accurate.