If you try to find information on the Internet about who made the first analog LCD watch you will get a lot of incorrect information that it was the Citizen Ana-Digi Temp from 1978.

Which is absolutely not true.

This happens because the internet mostly works on a copy/paste system, so it is easy for incorrect information to spread and many people believe it to be true.

So, the first watch that had a combination of analog and LC Display was the Omega Chrono-Quartz presented in 1976 and dedicated to the Olympics in Montreal 1976. That is why it was nicknamed Montreal, it is also called the Albatross because of its size (51 mm) and not because of battery clamp which reminds one of the wings of an albatross.

The LCD only had a chronograph function, it works independently of one analog part but running on the same quartz resonator as analog part (32 kHz), so analog and LCD part uses the same controller and is powered by the same source (two silver oxide 393  1.5v batteries).

The movement module cal. 1611 is the main reason for the big watch dimensions, with the technology of the time, it had to be packed the analogue movement and the digital chronograph module. The analog part is full metal construction hi-quality build, the digital part uses early generations of LC display which often has a problem with the polarizing film and the background, so in many it looks ruined, but that can be easily solved.

An interesting and very unusual way of setting the analog part is, by pulling out the crown  you set the hours, while you set the minutes by pressing the middle part of the crown which starts the motor that moves the minute hand.

Watch is all stainless steel made, solid links bracelet, it is very massive even by today’s criteria. It is interesting to note that sapphire glass was installed on this watch, if it is not have sapphire it means it has been replaced and is not original. The case back bore the Seamaster sign as well as the Olympic crest in recognition of the event at which it was introduced.

I photographed it next to the Omega 125, which is an extremely massive watch, to give you an impression of how huge this Omega Montreal really is.

Can you just imagine how attractive this watch looked back in 1976, today it looks no less attractive, whenever I wear it many  glances remain on it.