Vintage Doxa SUB 300T is one of the most desirable diving vintage watch, especially the Divingstar yellow dial version, which is the rarest. Way back in 1964, Doxa started with the project SUB, and in 1968, the first SUB300T as we recognize it today was presented. It is important to mention that the Doxa SUB has been reissued, so you should clearly distinguish between these modern and vintage models.These reissues are also nice, but I still prefer vintage and that’s why I will continue to write about it.

The great advantage of this watch is movement, because in these models from the early 70s, the ETA 2783 was installed, for which it is very easy to find parts for service. That movement was produced from 1969 to 1976,  for Doxa SUB it was rebranded as Synchron 58 and it is in the watch that I present to you.

Vintage Doxa SUB was made in four dial colors and each had a different name: Black Sharkhunter, Orange Professional, Silver Searambler and Yellow Divingstar. According to all the catalogs and information I managed to find, the yellow vintage version is the rarest.What surprised me very much is that this vintage Diving Star has a fat sapphire crystal, also the vintage models do not have a screwing crown and do not have a mark on the crown. The bracelet on watch is vintage with a signed clasp (Doxa by synchron), I can’t say if it’s original or not but it fits the watch perfectly.

As I write this, Divingstar is on my wrist, and I can’t tear myself away from the impression this watch makes on me, and that is, that it is a magnet for the eyes, it simply asks you to look at it, even though at that moment you don’t even care what time it is…