LIP Baschmakoff is one of the most interesting, most unusual watches produced in the mid 70s of the last century.

A lot of wrong information about this model can be found on the Internet, one is that it was produced in the late 60s of the last century.

It was made in a two versions, with a metal bracelet and a leather strap version (gold and silver). The one I present to you is a rare version with the France engraved on the front top and on buckle, everything on the watch is 100% authentic.

Vintage LIP runs automatic hi quality movement AS 1901, it is a real jump hour watch (not direct read) because every hour the number that shows the hours jumps to the next.

If  if you decide to buy a vintage LIP Baschmakoff then be sure to pay attention to the following:

If the number that shows hours are during the watch runs does not stand in the same position for 60 minutes, but slowly moves as the minutes pass, on that watch the circuit that should lock the hours and switch to the next one (jump hour) is not correct. That part is very difficult to repair, and don’t buy such a watch. This applies to the automatic vintage model.

Quartz reissue is not jump hour watch, as the hours go by the minutes move slowly, it is direct read watch. You can clearly see the other differences in the comparative photos of the vintage and the reissue version.

Opinions about this watch are divided, some find it beautiful and some find it disgusting.

In any case, it cannot be said that this watch does not leave strong impression.