Everyone who has more watches should have in collection one reference absolutely accurate watch, by which control of all others.

Of course, no one can be as accurate as a radio-controlled.

Today you can find various versions of these watches on the market, very expensive and very cheap ones.

Many mistakenly think that a radio-controlled watch or clock receives a signal via satellite. Wrong.

Radio controlled watches/clocks are receiving signals from terrestrial transmitters of which there are more in the world, for Europe the transmitter is located in Frankfurt (Germany).

The radio controlled clock/watch receives the signal controlled by the atomic clock and it is absolutely accurate, has deviations of 1 second for 1 000 000 years, the clock is automatically updateds several times a day, with the correct time the clock receives information about the day and date.

Now I present to you the first ever made radio controlled watch, Junghans Mega 1.

Junghans Mega 1 launched in 1990, the design of this watch was made by the man who designed the first Machintosh. The watch is well made and when it appeared on the market costing over then 1000 Deusche Mark, it is interesting to mention that this watch cannot work without an original leather strap, because the antenna for receiving the radio signal is integrated into the strap.

This model I present to you is one of the rarer versions (mostly is black).

Opinions about this watch are divided, some think it is beautiful, some are disgusting, however, this watch is a cult one and its value is increasing over time, especially if it is in a great condition like this one mine which I use as a reference watch for set and control time.    Cool