Here’s a beautiful USSR cold war time machine. It does not allow indifferent any observers, because of its unusual looks and great dimensions, and because of the way it works.  Чайка кварц резонатор  or in English  Chaika Quartz Resonator.

Чайка in in English translation means Seagull.

The way of working this watch is a story for itself,  the watch runs micro step motor who is perfectly impulse controlled by the quartz crystal.

Chaika is huge, thick, it’s interesting to watch how secondhand work, more precisely when secondhand jumps to the next position, she shakes like on big street mechanical vintage clocks.
This watch dates back to the late 1970s and the beginning of the 80s, fascinating with the beauty of a metallic blue dial whose colors change depending on the light it is exposed to, on the watch is an original bracelet.