In this condition this watch for me worth priceless, because it is not the same when you put on wrist a scratched and damaged Helvetia or perfect like this one.

Perfectly preserved dial and perfect original radium that is authentic on every number and hands, pointer on the rotating bezel also have original radium, all this makes this watch really special, everyone who met with this model knows they are mostly with damaged dial and faded digits, it’s on my all 100% original and authentic.

Helvetia WWII pilot watch.

When I saw this watch, I did not believe how perfect preserved it is, it’s extremely hard to find it all over the world in such condition.
The case is also perfectly preserved (pictures are all told), the rotating bezel turns round with thick glass that gives it massive and special beauty.

During the 30s and early 40s of the last century, Helvetia produced pilot watches that were made for German Luftwaffe pilots. So this model could not be bought in the store at that time, only pilots have it …

I’m fascinated by the precision of the 15 jewels movement that has shock protection and which is quite large in size, it’s literally new.
The case is large size for watches of that time and even today, it has even 41mm in the diameter measured without a crown.

It is interesting to note that almost identical models have been made by Omega, IWC, Rellum, Lanco, Nova, Roamer, Zenith and some less known brands.

One of the oldest watches in my collection is this Helvetia, the spirit that carries is indescribable, the privilege is to have it and wearing it.

An absolutely gorgeous watch that goes perfectly fit with the original Luftwaffe jacket that I have and wearing with Helvetia …