A bit of superior elegance, Wyler Vetta Incaflex.

In the 30s of last century, this manufacturer introduced “Incaflex”¬† way to shock protect the balance wheel. More specifically, beside incablock protection, incaflex is also installed.

How and what is incaflex?

The central axle of balance have flexible connection to balance wheel to absorb impacts, so impact are not transferred to the balance axis and it can not broke during the watch be hit.¬† It’s incaflex.

It is interesting to note that how Paul Wyle introduced incaflex.

The promotion was held in Paris at the Eiffel Tower, where it was thrown from the top of tower two watches with incaflex, and down there were journalists who immediately had the opportunity to see that after the fall, both watches were working without problems …

The one I present to you is from 1964, all made of stainless steel.

Perfect watch for the suit.