The world today would look completely different that there were no major world wars especially WWI and WWII, many technological innovations brought in those evil times.

At the time of the WWI known as the Trench War, the watches were pocket-sized. The soldiers were impractical to carry pocket watches, so at the beginning of that period pocket watches were turned into wrist wearing, which was much more practical.

For this reason, these watches are known as “trench watches”.

The red 12 on the dial is also one of the markings of “trench” watches.

There are many wrong stories about the red number 12, however, this is true:

Until then,  people were accustomed to seeing the number 12 under the crown when looking at the pocket watch, while switching on the wrist position of 12 changed and it was necessary to get used to it quickly.

Because of practical and ergonomic reasons, 12 is painted in red to again “learn” man from that time  how watch on the wristwatch quickly.

Today it is not easy to find a well-preserved trench watch like this mine, because their porcelain dials generally have cracks, when I was given the opportunity to have one with the whole original dial without any damage,  I did not miss this chance.

Besides that is Swiss made I dont know other data about manufacturer, watch produce in the period from 1915 to 1918, (40mm measured without a crown), it is very accurate. This 100 year old takes a significant place in my collection, I enjoy wearing this watch and with its old-fashioned beauty it attracts the views of strangers from whom many ask me about it ….