In 1984, Squale released this watch model on the market which was produced in several different versions, the difference being in the bezel and the appearance and color of the dial and the shape of the hands. The one I’m showing you is an extremely rare model, especially since it’s powered by Movement PUW (Pforzheimer Uhren Werke) which we know as Germany movements factory, but in this case movement PUW 2501-2531 it is made in Switzerland. I didn’t manage to find out how this collaboration came about, but they did a good job. Movement has 7 jewels, it is extremely accurate and quality made.

All stainless steel case is composed of two parts that are one above the other. The upper part, the part where the watch is, rotates by moving in the direction of the arrow that can be seen on the left side, and a compass appears that points precisely to the north. Several watch manufacturers have used these cases, and there are two types of cases, the difference is in the way of closing the upper rotating part. This case concept of a compass watch was produced until the early 90s.

The strap on the watch is not original, it is an original rubber one that rotted so I put this one on which fit well.

A very interesting watch that already at first glance shows that it is not ordinary.