Although at first glance these are identical watches, but differences still exist, here I will show the differences between two very similar models 0124-0030 and 0124-0049.

Model 0030 is made for the Japanese market, has a solid steel bracelet, and the difference is the position of the small date window which is on the left side while the 0049 model have date window on the right side.

Therefore the displays are not the same and the modules are not the same and do not fit for another model.

I personally prefer 0030 because it is more massive and solid links steel bracelet fits better on the wrist, although 0049 is also beautiful. The crown is used for setting, and pressing it turns on the display light.

These LCD watches with crowns are truly something extraordinary and as time goes by it is more and more difficult to find them in good condition.

This 0030 I am showing you was produced in March 1976 and 0049 was produced in May 1976.