This high grade watch Seiko 5626-5050 was produced in June 1972.

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful dress watches that Seiko has ever made including square Seiko Chronometer.

Unfortunately, this watch also has one drawback that you must pay attention to when buying it. It’s a quick day/date setup, this part (more precisely a plastic wheel) is mostly broken because someone previously set the date when the watch entered the automatic switching day/date mode and that is after 9 pm. In the first photos you can see exactly which part it is. It’s the same in every LM¬† models.

By the way, VANAC was produced in the period from 1972 to 1975, first appears in the 1972 Seiko Catalog and last appeared in the 1975 Seiko Catalog.

VANAC is a luxury version of KS (King Seiko), the difference between the classic KS and KS VANAC is that VANAC has solid links hi quality bracelet, faceted mineral crystal,  angular cases and on bracelet clasp have VANAC sign. The VANAC is Japanese Domestic Model (JDM), sold only in Japan.

Movement cal. 5626 is of the highest quality, today’s Seiko movements from that class is no better.

Having this watch on your wrist is a really special feeling, as if you have a jewel that shows time.