This Seiko Chronometer Officially Certified Automatic Hi-Beat 5626-5020, is an absolutely beautiful vintage Seiko from 70s, it was then offered as Seiko Executive line. It was produced in two versions : White dial and Grey dial. I had both versions, but sold white because this grey is much nicer to me.

Elegant, with glass that is polished as a jewel (cut glass), a unique solid steel links bracelet and hi-quality movement make this watch one of the best classic dress models from Seiko production of the 70s. It was produced in the first half of the 70’s around 1970-1974.

25jewels automatic hi-beat movement cal. 5626 is superb accurate, if we talk about ranking this movement is like KS (King Seiko). Movement in these chronometers have individual serial numbers engraved. What can be a problem on this movement is day/date quickset, it is the same as on the LM models, the problem is in the broken plastic ring. This part is very difficult to find and repair is possible, but not everyone watchmaker can do it. Therefore, be sure to check this when purchasing this model. Another important suggestion, every model like this should have a faceted crystal, if not having, it means that the glass has been replaced by the non original.

This mine produced in January 1973, although almost 50 years old, today it looks beautiful and is better made than any modern one.