This is one of the most beautiful and desirable early production Seiko LC watches, Seiko 0624-5009 Lemon face.

It got its nickname because of the yellow display, which is actually a classic gray, but the yellow foil that is placed over it gives it that yellow color that looks beautiful and seems very old-fashioned, the black digits on the yellow background are very transparent. In the photos, I took Seiko Lemon with Seiko 0644-8000 (it is presented on the site) which has the same display but without the yellow foil. And then there is the Seiko Pan Am which has a yellow display too, beautiful LC Seikos.

Seiko 0624-5009 it does not have any function other than showing the time and the display light. All stainless steel, mineral glass and solid links incorporated bracelet confirm the quality of this watch.

A simple timeless design that flirts with space age design makes this watch really special and noticeable on the wrist.

The one I am showing you was produced in March 1975 ,   just imagine what this watch looked like back then… and now when I wear it I feel somehow special, as if it takes me back to some good old days…