Here it is a beautiful one, it came from far 1971 and today looks better and more desirable than any new watch.

I even have a warranty card for this watch that says the date it was purchased, it shows the date it was purchased 26 August 1971.

Stunning Roamer that fits perfectly on the wrist with original NSA bracelet that makes it very comfortable to wear. This watch is designed and made as a diver, inner bezel rotate with bigger crown smaller lower hidden crown is for watch setting and optional manual winding. The watch has an original illumination that shines perfectly. Automatic movement Roamer MST471 with 28 jewels working extremely precise.

Stingray S is not even a small watch, I photograph it with a roamer Stingray Chronograph to see that they are almost identical in size.

If you have this watch or are planning to buy one, then make sure it is on the original bracelet, it is not complete without it. This watch no means goes with the leather strap can only if it is Rally style vintage strap. It is a indescribable pleasure to wear this watch…