Beauty from 1973 Roamer Stingray J T … The watch has the original plexi glass with the R logo in the center, movement is Valjoux 7734.

I bought this watch from the first owner who bought it in 1973.  Now first owner is 80 years old and he bought it when he was 30.

Why am I writing this?  Because I hesitated to buy this watch because in my opinion the rotating bezel on it belongs to the Roamer CD model while the Roamer JT has a different bezel. The man I bought the watch from specifically claimed to me that he bought the watch new in the store with this bezel, and that he never changed it.  However, when the owner found pictures of himself from his youth (1974) and on them I can clearly see a watch with this same bezel, he convinced me to buy it. Along with the watch, he also gave me the original metal bracelet on which he bought it.

Roamer Stingray J T  is really a great pleasure to wear, such beautiful and high-quality models will never be made again, just look at today’s modern Roamers, I would never put it on my wrist.