At the end of the 1960s, ESA electro mechanical watch movement appeared on the market, that movement many brands with some modifications put in their models.

Roamer Electronic 606 is one such model that I will present to you in detail.

Watch runs as an analogĀ  watch with a balance wheel identical to any mechanical watch, with the difference that instead of winding springs there is a small electromagnet controlled by anĀ  transistor module that constantly changes the polarity on the electromagnetic part while the permanent magnet is on the balance, when the polarity changes and magnetic fields collide and the balance starts move. These watches have nothing to do with quartz watches, tick identically as mechanical watches as they are (electro-mechanical), the second hand move like in the mechanical watch.

The Swiss made movement ESA (ETA) 9154 with 13 jewels is extremely high-quality, which is embedded in expensive watches of that time, these movements are extremely accurate and stable, have minimal deviations in operation.

Roamer Electronic 606 is made entirely of stainless steel, has a specific opening mode, a 40mm wide watch of the “Monaco” shape is still noticeable today…