This is rare watch, it’s interesting to note that this is the original Japanese watch with hi-end 27 jewels movement that was originally packaged in a in a Swiss made case. That case call it “Baby Panerai” because the similarity with the Panerai case is obvious.

It is interesting to note that the crown has three positions :

1. Neutral position has no function

2. First position is for set time and date (date set is very frustrating)

3. 2nd crown position is for manual winding (this is automatic watch but is also have manual winding possibility)

In any case, this is a very beautiful and unusual collector watch. Orient King Diver produced in second half of 60s and early 70s, have two almost same versions with different movements 27 jewels and 30 jewels.

This is a real pearl in the world of diver watches.