This is one of the most beautiful vintage watches in my collection.

Omega 125 Speedmaster came out in market 1973 marking the 125th anniversary of the brand, production data say only 2000 pieces were made, however, there is no factory official record of this anywhere so the question is whether that number is correct. But it is certain that not many have been made.

When they made this watch they didn’t save on material, a bunch of stainless steel modular thick case, bulky and heavy even for the 70‘s, solid links incorporated bracelet, mineral glass and heart of this watch is the Omega caliber 1041. What is interesting about this movement is that it is the World’s first chronometer certified chronograph movement which has automatic winding. Omega only used this caliber  in Omega Speedmaster 125.

To have and wear this watch is a great privilege and enjoyment, no other watch can compare to it…