These first-generation of digital round shape case LCD (LCQ) watches with a field effect display and a classic crown instead of a pushers, make a special impression on me, especially since I was a kid when they were popular and at the cutting edge of technology in that time.

The first watch with a field effect display was the “Teletime”, in it is  caliber 606 by the Gruen Watch Company, same module  (AMI) is  in this watch, it is large and is fully manually assembled, it works perfectly and only has an hour and a minute while the two dots between flash in the rhythm of seconds. Display is very large and digits too.

Watch is very quality build, heavy all stainless steel case, mineral glass, original bracelet with logo on buckle. This watch produced 1973.

Beautifully  brown colors are overflowing on the metal around the display. Fantastic retro digital watch.