Here is one modern vintage classic, so wearable at every occasion and every outfit.

The one I present to you is the first generation, manufactured in 1997.

1997 “FORTIS OFFICIAL COSMONAUTS CHRONOGRAPH” was selected as the official watch of the German Russian Space Mission MIR 97.

The difference between the first models and these new ones is huge, first of all there are no plastic parts in these vintage models, automatic 25 jewels 7750 movement is superbly done and working perfect. The difference between the first models and the new ones is very easy noticeable, just look at the chronograph pushers, on new models they are much larger and thicker, while on the first old models its have classic dimensions, also on old models on the crown is the Fortis logo. This mine is in its original packaging, watch originally came with a metal bracelet and with black leather extremely high quality strap.

It is interesting to mention that the Poljot Aviator 3133 copied the design from Fortis (look at the pictures where I showed them together), for this model FortisĀ  filed a lawsuit against Poljot and received a lawsuit and a sale forbidden in Germany and Switzerland because they look too much like Fortis.

This is a true pilot watch that completely fulfilling all the criteria and tested to be named pilot watch. If you are planning to buy one, my advice is to find one made before the 2000s, because it is much better made.