This is an educational post that serves to inform buyers of this watch what they should pay attention to because there are a lot of fake Geoscope models on the market.

I’ve seen some sold for quite a high price so make sure you check what you’re buying before it’s too late.

This watch that came into my hands is one such fake, and here I am posting a lot of photos so that you can see how easily you can be fooled, because the watch is quality made and is almost like the original, and it uses the vintage ETA cal. 2776 movement, while the original is running ETA cal. 2774 movement.
To be more precise, the one I am showing you, many assume that it is a later model, but THAT IS NOT TRUE this is a FAKE.

The simplest way to recognize the original Edox Geoscope is the world map which must make a full circle in 24 hours, not for 12 hours as on these fake models. So, by turning the hour clock hand, it has to make two full circles while during that time the world map has to make one full circle. Also, the crowns must have the Edox logo relief not engraved Edox logo.

This one I’m showing you is a fake, so pay attention when you buy it, on E-bay have lot fake Geoscopes, so you don’t pay a lot for something that’s not worth anything.