Here is one perfectly preserved Jump Hour watch Dugena Digital Automatic.

This one Dugena dates from the mid-70s, and what is important to mention is that the whole watch is made of stainless steel, I mention that because Dugena jump hour watches were mostly have brass cases and nickel plated (in such cases it is written on the back cover : stainless steel back).

This is a very massive watch, well made in every sense, the bracelet is original and cannot be removed because it is riveted to the watch, what is quite rare on this model is the signed buckle.

Movement is 25 jewels automatic (BF) Bernhard Förster 221 rebranded and signed by Dugena 2311, it is working perfect,even the slightest move is enough to automatically wind up, it also has a manual infinite winding on the crown, this is a very high quality one movement.

This is one really perfectly designed jump hour watch which still catches the eye today and it’s a real pleasure to wear it.