Here is a very rare watch produced in the second half of the 70s.

The watch runs identical movement which Tissot incorporated into quartz watches models produced at late 70s.

This movement is Tissot cal 2030, it has a unique way of setting it up. You adjust the hours by pulling out the crown and turning it, then only the clock hand starts and you only set the hours, and by turning it you also set the date. You adjust the minutes by pressing and holding the crown for about 5 seconds, then release it and immediately press and hold again, then it starts minute and second hand move. When the minute hand comes to the required time then release the crown and the watch is set. This watch movement working perfect.

The whole watch is made of stainless steel, the glass is made of mineral crystal, the bracelet is easily adjustable to any size and has a signed clasp.

On the dial have little diamond, it looks very interesting. Whether it’s a real diamond or not I don’t know because I am not an jewels expert.

Very interesting and rare watch.