Breitling Navitimer 2100 Quartz was produced in the first half of the 80s and was used as an official pilot’s watch in some armies, this particular one was made for the air force and anti-aircraft defense of the Yugoslav army, which can be seen on the engraving sign on the back cover of the watch. This watch could not be found on the free market, only pilots could have it.  This is the first generation Pluton model which has a built-in ESA (ETA) Y2 900231, analog part is full metal construction 7 jewels movement.

What is very important to mention is that the watch is 100% working, because the many of these watches that you can find today are semi-correct, that is mean the digital part does not work properly, it shows the incorrect time and is impossible to set.

Everything works perfectly on this one. The analog part works exactly and in harmony with the digital part. The digital part also has a stopwatch function and shows the seconds and date. When you press the left and right buttons at the same time, you enter the setting mode and thus set the correct time. While the display shows the time press the left button to enter stopwatch mode, by pressing right button while the display shows the time you can see the seconds and date. The complete digital and analog part work perfectly.

Watch is in mint condition without any scratch and trace of use, on watch is all original, all stainless steel, pushers working softly, crown is screwing, click bezel rotates in both directions, on back cover still have factory sticker, bracelet have full size, in one word perfect condition.

I photographed the watch from all possible angles in macro mode, so that even the smallest details can be seen, what you see in the pictures you cannot see with the naked eye.

Like watch lover, I would never sell this model, but since I have two, here is one for sale.

Watch is in original box.